Can Stem Cell Treatments Help with Shoulder Dislocations?

Sometimes surgery is necessary for recurrent shoulder dislocations… but are there some situations that surgery can be avoided? SHARE THIS if you have shoulder dislocations or know somebody who does!

This 17 year-old lacrosse player has had multiple shoulder dislocations, which is when the ball of the arm bone comes out of the socket of the joint. When that occurs, the labrum soft tissue ring that holds the ball in place gets torn. Once this happens, the chance of repeated dislocations is high. 

Sometimes surgery is absolutely necessary for certain types of recurrent injury, but repeated dislocation can still occur in up to 24% of patients! Surgery naturally has risks such as infection and scar tissue, but also can lead to increased arthritis in 21-33% of patients!

Unfortunately just conservative management alone such as physical therapy can still increase the chance of arthritis as much as 60%…..

So what do we do?

Good news is we can help improve stability, pain, and labral tears without risky irreversible surgery! 

Check out these before and after MRI pictures of this patient’s labral tear healing after I did precise image-guided injections (swipe) of his own bone marrow stem cells and blood platelet growth factors! 

These images were only 3 months out from his procedure and he already had 90-95% improvement in his pain and stability!